Play WORD BLITZ SAGA - Sharpen your intellect, overcome daily challenges, compete with friends or people worldwide, be smarter!

About Word Blitz Saga Game

Want to check your knowledge? Memorize more? Escape from your daily routine or be more productive at your work place? Don’t want to waste your time? Spent it with our great Word Blitz Saga app!

It’s the perfect game for the most curious, thinking and intellectual people of all ages!

Word Blitz Saga will enhance your thinking abilities, reaction, increase your attention, sharpen your memory as well as will bring excitement and fun! It’s the best way to relax and exercise your brain!

Enjoy catchy graphics and user-friendly interface! Have fun playing at your own pace or competing with friends. Get a sense of accomplishment passing different levels. Earn coins and gems, use hints to solve puzzles.

Word Blitz Saga is a social game, which can be easily played on any mobile device or a tablet by millions of people on different continents. We connect people and make them closer! Participate in a weekly competition, win and be at the top of rank. Enjoy a healthy feeling of rivalry!

The winners are reported at the end of the week among people participating in competitions and gaining the highest score. Everything is computed automatically. So you’ll see your score and awards and there’s no need to count it by yourself.

Join our Word Blitz Saga, be the smartest player!

Our benefits

screen World Blitz Saga
Play 1 on 1
  • Various catchy word blitz puzzles
  • Best way to sharpen your memory
  • Be smarter than your friends or random players
screen World Blitz Saga
Compete weekly
  • Weekly online competitions with prizes for winners
  • Actual time results
  • Exciting atmosphere
screen World Blitz Saga
Enjoy Bonus puzzles
  • More cool educational puzzles for best players
  • Bonus puzzles released for free
  • Brainy game requiring your concentration, reaction and horizon.